Signs of wear, is it time to replace my pallet truck wheels?

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This week we look at pallet truck wheels and the signs to look out for when considering replacement wheels.

For many, a pallet truck is a simple low maintenance truck that can be used and abused. But careful maintenance can prolong your trucks life and make it more productive in your warehouse.

So how can I tell if the wheels need replacing?

Are your polyurethane or vulkollan wheels worn down to the rim? If so, immediate replacement should be considered to avoid any damage to your warehouse floors.

Are the wheels broken or cracked? Always ensure that your operators understand the damage caused by moving a loaded pallet truck from a kerb or step to the ground and avoid the risk of cracked our broken wheels. If your wheels are broken or cracked it’s time to replace them

Do you have any flat spots? After time your pallet truck wheels can “flat Spot” resulting in more force than necessary being required to move the pallet truck. In the long term, this can be detrimental to your floors and of course also for the pallet truck itself. If you notice flat spots on your wheels, it’s time for new ones.

What if I have a damaged or broken bearing? Replacing a bearing takes twice the amount of time as simply replacing a wheel and there is a considerable chance of damage the wheel when removing the bearing.

Our advice …. head over to the Pallet Truck Parts online store and order your new pallet truck wheels today. Unsure of your needs? Call us for free advice.


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