Handle and Pump Assembly Parts - BF Pallet Truck
Ref Name Part Number
B101 Blade Spring B101 view
B102 Spring Pin B102 view
B103 Roller B103 view
B104 Spring Pin B104 view
B105 Spring Pin B105 view
B106 Spring Pin B106 view
B107 Handle B107 view
B108 Handle Tube B108 view
B109 Shaft B109 view
B110 Spring Pin B110 view
B111 Pressure Roller B111 view
B112 Bush B112 view
B113 Pull Rod B113 view
B114 Bush B114 view
B115 Chain B115 view
B116 Nut B116 view
B117 Spring Pin B117 view
B118 Pinch Roller Axle B118 view
B119 Plug B119 view
B120 Copper Washer B120 view
B121 Spring B121 view
B122 Spindle of Damping Valve B122 view
B123 Seat of Damping Valve B123 view
B124 Steel Ball B124 view
B125 Base Unit B125 view
B126 Copper Washer B126 view
B127 Bolt B127 view
B128 Spring B128 view
B129 Strike Pin B129 view
B130 O-Ring B130 view
B131 Strike Pin Seat B131 view
B132 O-Ring B132 view
B133 Set Screw B133 view
B134 Nut B134 view
B135 Lever Plate B135 view
B136 Bolt B136 view
B137 Spring B137 view
B138 Ball Seat B138 view
B139 Steel Ball B139 view
B140 Roll Pin B140 view
B141 Y-Shape Ring Seal B141 view
B142 O-Ring B142 view
B143 Cylinder Cap B143 view
B144 O-Ring B144 view
B145 Dust Ring B145 view
B146 Large Steel Ball B146 view
B147 Pump Plunger B147 view
B148 Washer B148 view
B149 Spring B149 view
B150 Dust Ring B150 view
B151 Y-Shape Ring Seal B151 view
B152 Piston Rod B125 view
B153 Retaining Ring for Axle B153 view