Frame Assembly Parts - BF Pallet Truck
Ref Name Part Number
B1 Handle – Complete Assembly B1 view
B2 Steer Wheel Shaft B2 view
B3 Bolt B3 view
B4 Thrust Bearing B4 view
B5 Supporting Base B5 view
B6 Spring B6 view
B7 Axle Retaining Clip B7 view
B8A Steer Wheel – P/U with Iron Hub B8.1 view
8B Steer Wheel – Rubber and Aluminium B8.2 view
B8.3 Steer Wheel – Nylon B8.3 view
B9 Bearing B9 view
B10 Semi-Circular Ring B10 view
B11 Bowl Washer B11 view
B12 Axle Retaining Ring B12 view
B13 Dust Cover B13 view
B14 Pin B14 view
B15 Grease Nipple B15 view
B16 Spring Pin B16 view
B17 Joint B17 view
B18 Pin B18 view
B19 Push Rod B19 view
B20 Axle Shaft B20 view
B21 Locking Ring B21 view
B22 Grease Nipple B122 view
B23 Nylon Exit Roller B23 view
B24 Spring Pin B24 view
B25 Axle B25 view
B26 Axle B26 view
B27 Spring Pin B27 view
B28 Bush B28 view
B29 Single Load Roller Axle B29 view
B30 Spring Pin B30 view
B31 Wheel Fork B31 view
B32 Spring Pin B32 view
B33 Tandem Load Roller Axle B33 view
B34 Tandem Load Roller Link Plate B34 view
35A Single Load roller – P/U with Steel Centre 35.1 view
35B Single Load Roller – Nylon 35.2 view
B36 Bolt B36 view
B37 Sheath B37 view
B38 Nylon Entry Roller B38 view
B39 Nut B39 view
B40 Fork Frame B40 view
B41 Washer B41 view
B42 Bolt B42 view
B43 Rocker Arm B43 view
B44 Locking Nut B44 view
B45A Tandem Load Roller – P/U with Steel Centre B45.1 view
B45B Tandem Load Roller – Nylon B45.2 view