Got a broken pallet truck?

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Have you got an old broken pallet truck sat in the corner of your business?

Repairing it is easier than you think and can save you from having to buy an expensive new pallet truck. can supply you the parts that you need and can give you expert advise on how to repair your truck. With a few simple tools and our help, you can get your truck back up and running for the fraction of the cost of a brand new replacement pallet truck.

And don’t worry if you don’t know the make or model of the pallet truck you have, our experienced team can help identify it for you and supply parts list drawings so you can find out what “widget” and “thingy” that you need to replace! If you know what model truck you have, we even have parts drawings on our website Parts Finder page.

We have thousands of parts in stock and are able to source most other parts if we don’t have them on the shelf. Once you know what parts you need, contact us: or call 028 9084 1444.

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