Frame Assembly Parts - Warrior WR25
Ref Name Part Number
201 Frame AC201 view
202 Spring Pin AC202 view
202G Screw AC202G view
203 Rock Arm AC203 view
204 Rock Arm + Push Bar Bush AC204 view
205 Rock Arm + Push Bar Connector AC205 view
206 Thrust Plate Bushing AC206 view
208 Push Rod Pin Circlip AC208 view
209 Joint (Type B) AC209 view
210 Push Rod Pin AC210 view
211 Nut (Type B) AC211 view
212 Push Rod (Type B) AC212 view
213 Rock Arm Shaft Circlip AC213 view
214 Rock Arm Shaft AC214 view
216 Push Arm Shaft AC216 view
217 Plastic Spacer AC217 view
218 Exit Roller AC218 view
219 Shaft Pin AC219 view
220 Shaft Pin AC220 view
221 Wheel Frame Shaft AC221 view
222 Roller Frame AC222 view
223D Tandem Load Roller Axle Pin AC223D view
224D Tandem Load Roller Link Plate AC224D view
226 Wheel Bearing AC226 view
227A Tandem Load Roller – White Nylon AC227A view
227B Tandem Load Roller – Black Nylon AC227B view
227C Tandem Load Roller – Black P/U with Steel Core AC227C view
227D Tandem Load Roller – Solid Steel AC227D view
230D Roller Shaft Pin AC230D view
231 Entry Roller Bolt AC231 view
232 Entry Roller AC232 view
233 Locking Nut AC233 view
234A Single Load Roller – White Nylon AC234A view
234B Single Load Roller – Black Nylon AC234B view
234C Single Load Roller – Black P/U with Steel Core AC234C view
235 Single Load Roller Axle Pin AC235 view
236 Washer AC236 view
237 Grease Nipple AC237 view