Hydraulic Oil Seal Installation Twist Tool – Standard

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This Hydraulic Oil Seal Installation Twist Tool enables the quick and easy insertion of hydraulic seals and O-Rings found deep within hand pallet truck hydraulic pump units that are tricky to fit by hand. This tool makes the seal a smaller size than the gland hole by turning seal into an omega shape that can avoid damaging the seal/ pump unit.

This is the STANDARD- SMALL seal size version enables seals to be fitted in to pump units such as the TM2000, AC25, DF25, CBG111, etc.

Dimensions: Length: 115mm For Small for rod diameters 22-40mm (0.87″ – 1.57″ ROD) gland hole 8mm cross section max (typically found in pallet trucks)
Warning: Gland hole must be in the range of the sizes as below, otherwise the twist or or pump unit can be damaged permanently.

1. Place the seal on the “claw”, with two claws on the inner of the seal and one on the outside.
2. Keep the seal flat with one hand when turning the handle with the other to compress the seal into an “omega” shape.
3. Keep pressure on the handles to keep the seal in an “omega” shape.
4. Place seal in required position within the pump unit.
5. Release a handle gently to expand the seal in position.
6. Once seal is in position, slowly remove the tool from the gland hole.

Other standard lengthtools available for larger sized seals (contact us for prices):
Medium for rod diameters 40-70MM (1.57″ – 2.75″ ROD) gland hole, 12mm cross section max
Large for rod diameters 70-165MM (2.75″ – 6.49″ ROD) gland hole, 14mm cross section max

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