EP Equipment – Drive Wheel – 1115-220000-A0

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EP Equipment – Drive Wheel – D210mm x 70mm –
Part Number: 1115-220000-A0

(D) Diameter: 210mm
(W) Wheel Width: 70mm
Width of Rim,: 83mm
Wheel Material: Polyurethane (PU)
Hub Material: Steel
Load Rating: 1800kg

Suitable for;
EP Equipment EPT12-EZ PRO (large drive wheel version) from S/N: 726180208
EP Equipment EPT20-15EHJ from S/N: 426150001
EP Equipment EPT20-18EHJ from to S/N: 426150001
EP Equipment EPT18-EHJ from S/N: 426150001
Ameise SPM110
Linde MT12
Liftek 1200 Powerglide
Liftek 1200+ Powerglide
Liftek EP driver truk 10 semi electric
Liftek J1
Clark WPio12
TotalLifter/ Climax P12
Still ECH12

This is the Newer version drive wheel has x6no. D7mm through holes on side of rim.
The early version drive wheel and has x6no. M5 threaded holes on inside of rim.

Click Here to See Early Version Drive Wheel
Bearings not included – Click Here for Bearings

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