EP Equipment – D80mm x 61mm – Tandem Load Roller – 1115-133002-00

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EP equipment – D80mm x 61mm – Tandem Load Roller with Bearings

(D) Diameter: 80mm
(AX)Bore size: 20mm(x2no. metal “ZZ” bearings included)
(W) Wheel Width: 61mm
(CL) Clamping Length: 61mm
Wheel Material: Yellow PU (Polyeurathane)
Core Material: Steel
Load Rating: 625kg each (For use on 2500kg capacity pallet trucks)

Used on the following models:

EP Equipment EPT12-EZ
EP Equipment EPT20-15EHJ
EP Equipment EPT20-18EHJ
EP Equipment EPT18-EHJ
EP Equipment HPL152
Ameise SPM110
Linde MT12
Liftek 1200 Powerglide
Liftek 1200+ Powerglide
Liftek EP driver truk 10 semi electric
Liftek J1
Clark WPio12
TotalLifter/ Climax P12
Still ECH12

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