Anderson SB175 AMP Grey Power Battery Connector Jump Start – Kit #1

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This kit is ideal for creating battery jump start leads: The Anderson SB Range of connectors provide cost-effective reliability,design flexibility and mistake-proof capability for your products' manufacture, installation and maintenance. The housings are interchangeable and genderless interconnects (turn one housing 180 degrees to connect to the other). Insert contacts into housings and plug together for a clever, simple and low-cost solution to power interconnection. Colour coded to prevent cross connection – will only mate to the same colour housing. Ideal for use for Cars, Forklift Trucks, Wheelchairs,UPS Systems, Telecommunications, Electric Vehicles, Chargers, Power Electronics and much more.

Kit #1 contains:
x2No. SB175 Grey Interlocking Connectors (Anderson 6325G1) + instruction leaflet
x4No. Terminals (50 sq mm / #1/0 AWG- crimp or solder)
x2No. Black PVC Cable Entry Sleeves
x2No. Red Rubber End Cap/Dust Covers

Current:175 amps
Voltage: 600 Volts
Dimensions: 53.1mm X 79.5mm x 25.4mm
Terminals for cable size:50 sq mm / #1/0 AWG

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